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Tatsu Matsuda Lab, Musashino University

Tatsu Matsuda Laboratory was established in April 2015. Based on architectural design, we conduct research and practical activities in a wide range of fields including architectural theory, architectural planning, urban planning, modern architecture and urban planning history.
In addition to the Graduation Research & Diploma Design, seminar students are vigorous in diverse activities such as design proposal, urban research, joint seminar, industry-university cooperative project, planning and management of events, architectural tours and various design work that we are participating in.
In the third year's classes, which is a foothold to the laboratory, students propose spatial design for the city with the theme of "Machi-Branding (town branding)".
The activities of the laboratory are exhibited at opportunities such as the Maya Festival, MU Exhibition and others. If you are interested in Matsuda laboratory please feel free to contact the laboratory.

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